236px-Flag of Estonia.svg
Appearances 2( 1 in finals)
First appearance GC2
Best result 5/21 (GC3)
Worst result 5/21(GC3)

This is an article about the country of Estonia in Golden contest


Estonia debuted at GC2 with the entry Forevermore by Tanja,they placed 13th at the semi-final with 32 points,they coudn't make it into the final. Estonia sent Miss calculation by Elina Born at GC3,they placed 3rd in the semi-final with 105 points and 5th at the final with 127 points.


Edition Artist Language Title Final Points Semi Points
Did not participate in #01
#02 Tanja  English Forevermore - - 13 32
#03 Elina Born English Miss Calculation 5 127 3 105
Did not participate in #04