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Appearances 3
First appearance G1
Best result

4/23 (GC1)

Worst result

14/23 (GC3)

This is an article about the country of Greece in Golden contest


In the first edition, the former ESC winner Helena Paparizou represented Greece abd placed 4th. Shaya reached the second place in the semifinals in the second edition, and the 7th in the final. Paparizou returned in edition 3 where she managed to reach place 14th. Greece will participate in edition 4

Participations Edit

Edition Artist Language Title Final Points Semi Points
#01 Helena Paparizou Greek Otan Angeli Klene 4 96 No semi
#02 Shaya Hansen English Sunshine 7 98 2 110
#03 Helena Paparizou English Baby it's over 14 72 7 73
#04 Thomai Apergi & Legend Greek Jazz & Sirtaki TBA TBA TBA TBA