Flag of Hungary.svg
Appearances 2( 0 in finals)
First appearance GC2
Best result 13/17 SF (GC2)
Worst result 11/17 SF(GC3)

This is an article about the country of Hungary in Golden contest


Hungary debuted at GC2 with Delit by Amel Bent,they placed 8th at the semi-final with 67 points and 4th at the final with 116 points. They sent Presque arrivés by Leïla Lanova Feat. Charlie Brown placing 6th at the semi-final with 78 points and 12th at the final with 76 points. They will participate at GC4 with A szív dala by Gigi Radic,Kati Wolf and Szonja Orozlan.


Edition Artist Language Title Final Points Semi Points
Did not participate in #01
#02 Kasza Tibor Hungarian Nem Kell Mas - - 13 51
#03 Cserpes Laura Hungarian Úgysincs más - - 11 51
#04 Gigi Radics, Kati Wolf & Szonja Oroszlán Hungarian A szív dala TBA TBA TBA TBA