2000px-Flag of Lithuania.svg
Appearances 2( 0 in finals)
First appearance GC2
Best result 15/16 (GC2 SF)
Worst result 16/17(GC3 SF)

This is an article about the country of Lithuania in Golden contest


Lithuania debuted at GC2 with Mano Danioje by Nota,they placed 15th in the semi-final with 20 points, they coudn't reach the final. At GC3 they sent Dangerous by Milita Daikerytė placing 16th with 31 points at the semi-final,they coudn't make it to the final. They won't participate in GC4.


Edition Artist Language Title Final Points Semi Points
Did not participate in #01
#02 Nota Lithuanian Mano Danioje - - 15 20
#03 Milita Daikerytė English Dangerous - - 16 31
Won't participate in #04