2000px-Flag of Montenegro.svg
Appearances 3( 3 in finals)
First appearance GC1
Best result

7/23 GC1

Worst result

19/23 GC3

This is an article about the country of Montenegro in Golden contest


Montenegro was one of the countries that debuted at the first edition,it participated with Who see feat Nina Zizic with the song of Igranka placing 7th with 75 points. Montenegro participated in the second edition with Andrea Demirovic with the song of Odlazim ,it placed 5th at the first semi-final with 79 points and 13th at the final with 68 points. Montenegro's third participation was with Anabela feat Boban Rajovic with Preventiva ,it placed 8th at the semi-final with 56 points and 19th at the grand final with 52 points. 


Edition Artist Language Title Final Points Semi Points
#01 Who see feat. Nina Zizic Montenegrin Igranka 7 75 No semi
#02 Andrea Demirovic Montenegrin Odlazim 13 68 5 79
#03 Anabela feat Boban Rajovic Montenegrin Preventina 19 52 8 56
#04 Viki Milijkovic & Dado Polumenta Serbian and Montenegrin Nevazmozhni sme sami - - 13 46