20120812153730!Flag of Russia
Appearances 2( 2 in finals)
First appearance GC2
Best result 9/23 (GC3)
Worst result 10/23(GC2)

This is an article about the country of Russia in Golden contest


Russia debuted at GC2 with Hold me by Sonya Kay,they placed 1st at the semi-final with 112 points and 10th at the final with 93 points. At GC3 they sent Tsunami by Nyusha,they placed 5th at the semi-final with 79 points and 9th at the final with 98 points. They will participate at GC4 with Net by Polina Gagarina.


Edition Artist Language Title Final Points Semi Points
Did not participate in #01
#02 Sonya Kay English Hold me 10 93 1 112
#03 Nyusha Russian Tsunami 9 98 5 79
#04 Polina Gagarina Russian Net TBA TBA TBA TBA