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Appearances 3
First appearance GC 1
Best result

1/23 (GC 1)

Worst result 12/23 (GC 2)

This is an article about Ukraine in Golden Contest


Ukraine was the first winner in Golden Contest with the entry "Nebo Znaye" by Anna Trincher with 115 points.Ukraine placed 12th at the second edition with the zong Zerkala sang by Grigorly Leps ft Ani Lorak. Ukraine participated in the 3rd edition with the song Pray for Ukraine placing 1st in the second semi-final and 4th in the grand final. They will participate in the forth edition.

Participations Edit


Artist Language Title Final Points Semi Points
#01 Anna Trincher Ukranian Nebo Znaye 1st 115 No semi
#02 Grigoriy Leps ft Ani Lorak Ukranian Zerkala 12th 72 Winner last edition
#03 Zlata Ognevich English Pray for Ukraine 4th 127 1st 122
#04 Ani Lorak Ukranian Oranzhevyye sni TBA TBA TBA TBA

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